Incoming Mail

I love my happy mail.   I received these gems from Steph M and Dee N  on February 1st.

Dee!s letters are always long and well written.  I feel like I am on a adventure with her.  She always makes her envelopes.  Dee engages her listeners by writing as if you are across from her.  We have been writing for awhile and I have no issue confiding in her about my real life issues.  So I do treasure our friendship thru pen paling.

Step intrigues me. She is my healthy pen pal.  I tend to ask a lot of questions regarding her eating habits. She is vegan and drinks lots of water.  Step is the complete  opposite from me.  She wears her fit bit and uses it! Oh goodness I want one but really have no need for it.  Lol!!    Step writes medium size letters.   I enjoy the fact that I am learning from her.  Am glad we have connected thru snail mail.

This weekend I will get both of these ladies wrote back.  If you have any links or YouTube videos you think I will like please feel free to share them with me!  I am always looking for new inspiration.


Hope your mail box had some happy mail in it for you today!

Cheers,   Karen



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